Send Cash To Carers

Our new CashByText service enables family members, care providers and organisations to send money to carers without the need for them to use a bank card. This new service complements our very popular carers card account and is free and easy to set up and is free of charge to the end-user.

This important service provides another much-needed solution to the challenge that is often presented by the problem of how to get regular spending money to carers quickly so that they can shop and buy services for the vulnerable people they support. 

Simple To Use

To use the service, the 'Sender' will simply need to login to our secure payments portal and add the mobile phone number of the carer to send them funds instantly from their float account. The 'Receiver' (carer) can then withdraw a specified amount between £10 and £500 from one of the participating 17,000 ATMs.

The Key Benefits

1. Enables 'one-off' or reoccurring regular payments to carers.

2. Easy to change the 'Receivers' mobile phone numbers as carers change or are on holiday.

3. Secure, low cost and instant service.

4. View balance and transactions in our Monika App.

Contact Us

To get started, simply contact us by calling 0161 791 3054 or email Alternatively, start an online chat now.