The Money Carer Foundation 

The CashByText service is provided by The Money Carer Foundation, the not for profit social enterprise that provides everyday money management services to thousands of people and their carers across the UK. Our clients range from older people with memory problems to individuals with mental health challenges or learning disabilities.

Through the unique payment and current account services platform that we have developed, we also provide payment services to over 150 law firms and local authorities that use our systems to make payments to their own clients. This is typically when the solicitor or council are supporting people as their 'Deputy', appointed by the Court of Protection or their 'Appointee', authorised by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) We also support many disability charities, hospitals and care providers in a similar way.

A very popular example of this is our award-winning Carers Shopping Card service. Our new CashByText service complements our existing range of services to support people with everyday money management needs along with the people and organisations who look after them. It will also provide another income stream for the foundation support our core remit of providing services that help to safeguard some of societies most vulnerable folk.

CashByText Technology

The CashByText service is delivered in conjunction with technology developed by our partners at Pin4Cash, an international fintech organisation that has pioneered the software behind the solution. In the UK today, over 17,000 ATM machines participate in the service with thousands more coming on stream in the coming months. For the nearest participating ATM machine to you simply use this location finder.